Forged hoes and shovels from Adler. With the right garden tools, gardening is not exhausting - but a treat for body & soul. With a forged hoe, garden hoe, field hoe or planting trowel from Adler you are perfectly equipped. Choose the right handle length for your garden: Raised bed? S-series. Flower bed? M- or L-series. And because style should not be neglected in the garden, you can choose your garden tool in your favorite color.

Buy your affordalble forged hoe now online at Adler Tools. We give you a lifetime warranty on the tool heads and offer a replacement handle service if you need a new handle for your garden tool.

Our garden tools are made in Germany and are forged from high quality carbon steel. The wood for our forged hoes and shovels comes from FSC® certified cultivation in Europe. The varnish for the wooden tool handles is completely water-based and biodegradable. You can find more information about sustainability at Adler here.

When it comes to quality garden tools, forged tools are an excellent choice. Forged garden tools are sturdy and durable, making them a worthwhile investment for any garden owner. In this article, we'll take a closer look at forged garden tools and explain why they're so valuable.