What Makes an Adler Axe or Hatchet Remarkable?

The head

The head is forged of C45 steel sourced in Europe. It is carefully and securely mounted to the handle using a round metal wedge, which distributes pressure evenly to help secure the head to the handle.

The handle

The handle is made of hickory wood that comes from the USA. Hickory is stable and absorbs shock well. The black paint on an Adler axe or hatchet has a unique abrasive quality to assure a tight grip. The Adler Works has a state-of-the-art paint facility and the color call out on the tool makes your axe stand out – and the color can even help you find your axe if you have misplaced it. Replacement handles are available separately.

The blade

Adler axes and hatchets offer blades that are carefully sharpened. Each axe and hatchet is delivered with its own leather sheath which protects the user and helps keep the blade sharp and free from damage.

The purpose

Adler offers hatchets and axes for every need. A range of quality cutting tools are available from specialty and traditional hatchets to heavy splitters for professional foresters.


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