Adler guarantees that the axe will be free of manufacturer’s defects for the life of the axe. At Adler’s sole discretion, axes will be repaired or replaced. The guarantee does not cover abuse, normal wear and tear of the axe or improper storage and maintenance. Missing the target and striking the axe handle against that target is not a warranty event. Our handles are natural products made of wood, hence they are not covered by the warranty. To contact us regarding a claim, please visit our Warranty page.

Please note: If you have purchased your axe through one of our dealers, please contact them first for any warranty claims.


Use only with approved eye protection to protect from flying debris which may result in eye or other injury. Use this tool for cutting wood only. Contact with a non-wood object may result in blade or head chipping. Do not use if blade is chipped, dull or damaged or if the handle is broken or loose. The blade is sharp—handle with care. Contact with blade may result in injury. Keep out of reach of children.


Always store your axe in a cool, dry location. Apply oil to the axe head after use or before extended storage. We recommend Ballistol, as it can be used to treat the axe head, wood handle and leather sheath. We recommend hand sharpening with a grinding stone or puck. Never heat up the edge when sharpening, such as with an electric grinding wheel Never strike another tool with the axe. Never strike the axe with another tool. Replace the handle if the head becomes loose or handle sustains damage. We recommend contacting a hardware store, arborist supply or trained professional for assistance with mounting a handle.