3-piece Garden Tool Set

$129.99 USD $157.97 USD

Set consisting of three forged garden tools. With this set you are euqipped for all tasks in you garden from removing weeds, loosening the soil to planting. Choose your favorite garden hoe model with a handle of 17.7 in and your favorite color. In addition, the set includes the matching color hoe "Ivy" and the shovel "Holly".

Adler garden tools are made in Germany. The handles are made of European, FSC®-certified ash wood.


Set includes: 

  • 1x Garden Hoe model of your choice with handle length 17.7 in
  • 1x The Ivy Garden Hoe with handle length 17.7 in matching color
  • 1x The Holly Shovel in matching color

- Tool head attachment: Double safety wedge with wooden wedge and metal ring
- Handle made from European, FSC®-certified ash
- Made in Germany
- Forged tool head
- Lifetime guarantee on metal parts
- Handle with anti-slip coating and choice of three colors (rose, green, brown)
- All colors are water-based
- Safe shipping in sturdy, high-quality, sustainably produced cardboard box
- ADLER Werkzeug is a family business, founded in 1919 and has been producing professional tools for four generations